Conversion on Demand

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conversions On Demand?

Conversions On Demand is our software-as-as-service platform that provides conversion improvement applications for your ecommerce store. When you register we install a small code snippet in your store that allows you to activate and use any of our applications.

What is The Cart Closer?

The Cart Closer our industry leading cart abandonment application.

I've seen references to "exit gestures" and "exit events" what do they mean?

The Cart Closer is intended to identify when a shopper is abandoning your cart and make an offer (of your choosing) to close the sale. We use two methods to determine if the shopper is abandoning:

  • Exit Gestures - we track the movement of the shoppers mouse and when we determine that they will be closing the browser, the tab, or opening a new tab we trigger the offer before that happens.
  • Exit Events - when the shopper actually performs an abandonment event the browser alerts our code and we display the offer.

Why should I use exit gestures instead of exit events?

There are a number of benefits, chief among them:

  • The browser doesn't interfere with the offer by displaying a confusing "alert box."
  • We can detect that a shopper is opening another tab to search for a lower priced competitor
  • We also detect when a shopper has abandoned the cart in the store pages, not just the cart pages.

What is Time2Buy?

Time2Buy is our patent pending application that will convert reluctant shoppers and tire-kickers into customers.

What is The Daily Deal Bar?

The Daily Deal Bar is our site promotion application that provides an easy way for you to create "deals" that will get shoppers returning to your store?

If I sign up for Conversions On Demand do I have to use (and pay for) all of these applications?

No, you choose the applications you are interested in when you register. You'll get a free trial and free installation.

Can I add a different application in the future if I didn't register for it initially?

Yes, just select "add services" in our backend and enable the new application. AT that point it becomes available and you can configure and activate.

Can I temporarily turn off any of these applications?

Yes, they all have on/off switches. If turned off you don't pay for the service until it's turned on again.

Can I manage multiple stores in one account?

Yes, once you have registered for your first store, go to add stores and add your other ecommerce sites. We'll then install our code snippet on your new stores (no fee).

Do you provide analytics to help me manage my services?

Yes, we provide reports and graphs to show you exactly how our services are performing in your store.

Do you provide help in optimizing my settings?

Yes, we include a feature called "CrowdWisdom" which will compare your setting to those used by the top 20% performing stores in our network. You can then easily change your setting to match.

What about built-in testing?

We have extremely easy to use A/B testing features, coincidently called EZ-Test, that will tell you how are applications are affecting shopper behavior.

If you have questions about any of the topics above, or anything else for that matter please send them to and we will promptly respond.

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