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Cart Reminder can increase conversions by 22.32% and improve revenue by 49.67% for returning shoppers with items in their carts. Proven.

Cart Reminder in action as a lightbox

Cart Reminder in action as a persistent banner

What is Cart Reminder?
  • Cart Reminder lets shoppers returning to your site know if they've left items in their carts, along with a convenient link.
  • The reminder message is delivered through a lightbox or a persistent banner, customizable on the fly.
  • Merchants can set the lightbox reminder to display after any amount of idle time.

How Cart Reminder Works

Convert returning shoppers who've lefts.
As a Lightbox
As a Persistent Banner
  • Conversions On Demand
  • Conversions On Demand
  • Conversions On Demand
  • Conversions On Demand
  • Conversions On Demand
Remind returning shoppers no matter what page they enter on
  • The Cart Reminder will display the first time a shopper returns to your store on any page.
  • Banner: visible until the shopper views the cart.
  • Lightbox: reminder will re-appear at a set time interval until the shopper views the cart.
Easy to set-up and control
  • We install it for you and it works right out of the box. No customization or complex integrations needed.
  • Choose from dozens of professional themes and colors, with support for custom CSS and designs.
  • Analytics included.
  • Easy-to-use control panel allows user to change settings at any time.
  • We provide excellent support, but you probably won't need it.


Testing finds a significant revenue improvement after using Cart Reminder.
The Cart Reminder difference for returning shoppers who had left items in their carts
  • Conversions On Demand
Improve the shopper experience.
Returing shoppers are back for a reason. Complete the sale by providing a convenient reminder and link so there's no need for a shopper to search around.


No setup fee and a free trial when you sign-up now.
Low monthly fee no contract commitment.
Conversions On Demand   Conversions On Demand
$29.99/month fee applies to merchants
with less than 200,000 monthly visitors.
Get more traffic than that? View our pricing page.
Free setup and trial
If you're on a supported cart we will install
Cart Reminder for you
The Cart Reminder is on the lookout for returning shoppers, making their shopping experience on your store more convenient, increasing sales and customers.
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