Using Tiered Offers to Increase Sales and Profits

Cart Closer excels at turning cart abandoners into buyers by providing a real-time offer. The challenge for you as a merchant is to strike the right balance between the offer and gross profit margins.

That’s where tiered offers come in. Tiered offers allow you to specify different promotions at different cart values. For example, assume that your average cart value is $80 and that 75% of your orders are between $60 and $100. In that case, simply offering a low-cost free gift with orders in that range could  be enough to sway most shoppers (hint: people really love free things). For orders above the typical range, say $100 to $200, you may want to offer a discount to save would-be-abandoners. Finally, you may want to offer free shipping or an even larger discount when there is more than $200 in the cart. Using tiered offers intelligently will help you land more sales without “over discounting”.  You can learn more about Cart Closer on our website. Or Log in to Conversions On Demand right away to set up tiered offers for your store.

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