Increase Your Store’s Conversion Rate in 10 Minutes

Want to hear a simple fix for your conversion rate?

Our tests showed that when fonts were increased by approximately 30% on a site, the conversion rate improved by 6% and the revenue-per-visit increased by 9.4%.

You may be wondering how font size could possibly make a difference. Well, there’s a little bit of a story behind it…

During conversations with our conversion testing team at Exclusive Concepts, a client shared that 15% of their sales come from a niche product category targeting older people. We browsed product pages within this category, and found the product copy to be on the small side. We theorized that amongst this customer group, font size could have a big impact on conversion rates, and we decided to run an experiment.

As you might expect, our theory was correct, but we were surprised by just how big of an impact this small change had. Their site-wide conversion rates literally increased by 9.4% simply by increasing font size 30%. This was a statistically significant result.

Does that mean that simply increasing font size will provide the same benefit to you? Maybe, if your products and services appeal to an older demographic. But don’t assume that if you sell toys or children’s clothes this doesn’t apply. Remember, grandparents buy lots of gifts for their grandchildren.

The moral of the story is to think of your shoppers as individuals, not a group. Empathize with their experience in browsing your website and try to imagine pain-points they may encounter. Do this to identify quick improvements that can have a big impact on their experience, and utilize a/b testing to ensure they’re helping and not hurting.

The largest eCommerce sites spend millions of dollars annually performing sophisticated testing to understand and improve how to increase their conversion rates. You can do the same thing for a whole lot less with help from the Conversion Booster team at Exclusive Concepts, or the apps made available at Conversions On Demand.

The two images below compare the change “before” and “after” our testing.

Before and After Screenshots


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